DisinterMedia was founded by Joshua Du Chene and Bruce Balensiefer, operating from our studios in Seattle, Washington.


Joshua has been designing sound since he discovered he could hum whilst consuming Gerber applesauce in his He-Man high chair. His multifaceted audio expertise includes designing sound and music for games, VR, and media, voice acting, podcast production, and guitar and vocal performance for everything from folk to metal to EDM. With extreme attention to detail and a passion for audio production, Joshua loves creating immersive audio experiences and telling compelling stories through sound.


Bruce is a natural-born generalist with an engineer’s brain and an artist’s heart. He has been working in technology for about a decade, managing streaming music platforms, Content Management Systems, and B2B software, and operations at a blockchain startup. With a dual degree in Music Engineering and Computer Science, he is a music/tech double threat. As a bassist, guitarist, and producer, he self-releases music from his home studio. Bruce brings this versatility to DisinterMedia, ready to hit the ground running on any project.